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 Titanium Armor Bonuses

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Elites Forum General

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PostSubject: Titanium Armor Bonuses   Tue Mar 27, 2007 7:19 am

Titanium Armor Stats

Titanium Heavy: Maximum HP +1000, Atk. Spd./P. Atk. +6%, P. Def. +12%, CON +3.

Titanium Light: Maximum HP/MP +500, Atk. Spd./P. Atk. +8%, P. Def. +10%, DEX +3.

Titanium Robe: Maximum MP +1000, Casting Spd. +15%, M. Atk. + 10%, P. Def. +8%, WIT +3.

Credits to Jennif3r Wink

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Titanium Armor Bonuses
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